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Baked Chicken Strips with “Kicked” Up Cranberry Sauce


3 lbs. Chicken breast – sliced thin
3 cups corn flakes
1 cup of flour
1 ½ cups Honey Nut Cheerios
2 tablespoons Living the Gourmet Signature Spice Rub
2 tablespoons Living the Gourmet Dry Herb Rub
4 eggs – beaten
Olive oil for drizzling

Preheat oven 350 degrees:

In a food processor combine the corn flakes, Honey Nut Cheerios and Dry Herb Rub and Signature Spice Rub. Give this a few good chops, but Do Not make it fine.

In three separate bowls place flour, eggs and Corn Flake and Cherrio crumbs. Dip the chicken first in the flour then in the egg wash and then in the crumbs.

Place chicken strips in a baking dish and drizzle with a little olive oil.

Bake for about 15 minutes, according to how thin you sliced the chicken breast.

“Kicked” Up Cranberry Sauce


1 – 14oz. can Whole Cranberry Sauce
1 – 15 oz. can Fruit Cocktail
1 tsp Fresh Ground Chili Paste
1 inch piece of fresh Ginger – grated
Zest of ½ lemon
Zest of ½ orange
Juice of ½ of lemon

In a bowl combine all of the above ingredients and mix well. Fee free to add more Fresh Ground Chili Paste if you like!

This is a great dish to serve for a fun Friday night!


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  1. Cornflakes encrusted chicken strips sound and look super delicious.

  2. corn flakes sound better than Captain Crunch (yes, that recipe is floating around)

  3. oh Yum..That looks and sounds so good!

  4. I love chicken recipes! Yours sounds and looks delicious!

  5. Love the taste of the 'kicked-up cranberry sauce'!

  6. this made me hungry!
    good post, nice blog!
    God bless and may you have a blissful new year.

  7. Sounds like a delicious crunchy coating. The dipping sauce sounds delicious!!

  8. Chicken strips and cranberry sauce...what an interesting combination. I'll take my cranberry sauce any way I can get it though!

  9. Yum Yum! Mouthwatering sauce. Great combo of taste.

  10. Sounds good. Might have to give it a try.

    Wanted to swing by and say congrats on your award. It's fun to meet the bloggers Swapna has passed the award onto.


  11. This is my first time dropping by. Your pics are lovely and this chicken recipe sounds superb!


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