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Spinach Calzones with Homemade Marinara Sauce

There are a variety of things you can make with pizza dough, (other than pizza of course). One of those variations is calzones. A calzone is just a pizza turned over.

However, like pizza, there are many ways you can prepare calzones.

In my opinion, nothing is better than a calzone stuffed with spinach, ricotta cheese, and ham. Well, maybe there is one thing better- A HOMEMADE spinach, ricotta cheese, and ham calzone.

In my family, we never buy pizza. We buy pizza dough and make our own. It has brought some of the fondest memories in our kitchen.
Friday night was pizza night. I made the calzones, and Mama made the marinara sauce.

Today I’m guest posting on Living the Gourmet.

Yes, Lady Gourmet taught Little Gourmet Girl well! ;)

NOTE: This recipe made two calzones.
Prep Time: 12 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes (or until golden)

Easy Spinach Calzones
(By Tammy)

2 prepared pizza doughs
2 packages of spinach (10 ounces each)
1 medium-large onion, finely chopped
5 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1 cup ricotta cheese
½ cup parmesan cheese, grated
½ cup mozzarella, shredded
About 8-10 slices of deli ham, cut into long strips
Salt & Pepper to taste
Approximately 4 tablespoons Olive Oil
Dashes of Living the Gourmet Dry Herb Rub

In an large skillet on medium low heat, drizzle about 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
Add onion and sauté until tender and golden. Then add garlic and spinach, sautéing until large clumps are broken up. Add the dashes of salt and pepper.

Transfer to a medium bowl and let cool. Once cool enough, stir in ricotta, parmesan, mozzarella, and ham.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Prepare 2 cookie sheets by lining them with parchment paper and sprinkling the paper with cornmeal. Set aside.

Flour the pizza dough and work the dough using your fists into a large circle, do not roll the dough out, about 12 inch circles. Fill one half side with spinach mixture and fold over. Press the edges with a fork to seal the calzone.

Transfer the dough onto the cookie sheets. Rub each calzone with a tablespoon of olive oil and bake for 25 minutes or until golden.

While calzones are baking, prepare marinara sauce, which my Mom shall now tell you how to prepare!

Homemade Marinara Sauce
(By Catherine)


29 oz. can of crushed tomatoes
5 cloves of garlic – chopped
1 yellow onion – sliced
Healthy handful of fresh basil
Dashes of fresh ground black pepper
Pinch of sugar
Dashes of sea salt
Dashes of oregano
Drizzles of Olive Oil

Heat a large frying pan with a drizzle of olive oil and add the basil, garlic and sliced onions. Heat until the onion is clear. Add the crushed tomato and the spices and the pinch of sugar. Simmer on low for about 25-30 minutes.

This is a quick and easy to make sauce and so delicious!

With love & blessings,

Spinach Calzones With Homemade Marinara Sauce on Foodista

Spinach Calzones with Homemade Marinara Sauce


  1. I see that mother and daughter make little masterpieces in the kitchen. Beautiful combination.

  2. It has been WAY too long since I've had pizza OR calzones. You've inspired a craving!

  3. Hi Catherine and Tammy! I can't remember having a calzone before:( This is a great recipe, which inspires me to try next week (I'll let you know the outcome for sure). BTW, where can I buy these quality cheeses?
    Thanks! Happy Saturday!

  4. I love calzones! Our pizza night is Friday too, always has been. I think must be the universal family pizza night. Your filling looks fabulous, wish I had one of these right now!!

  5. These look beatiful! Lovely sauce.

  6. I have not had a calzone in such a long time...These look wonderful Tammy :)

  7. Wow, Catherine & Tammy - this is some seriously good teamwork. If love the look of both the calzones (something I've never tried making so far, but I'm keen to give this a try), and delicious marinara sauce.
    Sue :-)

  8. okay seriously, I'm going to need a calzone in short order to satisfy this craving. The calzone and the sauce are making my belly growl!

  9. I agree there is nothing like homemade pizza. I love calzones too. My grandmother and I are always trying to find the perfect recipe for spinach calzones. Yours sound great:)

  10. What a fun post. I agree with the spinach and ham combination!

  11. You are right - this is an irresistible combination for the filling! And with homemade sauce it can't be matched by any restaurant!

  12. Hey Mrs. Pappas!

    Finally clicked on the sig. Very nice blog, these calzones (sp?) look delicious, so much better than the one's you can buy a pizza place, like wow!

    Too bad I'm all thumbs in the kitchen, you know? But you make is sound real easy.

    Tell your son I said hi in case I don't see him tonight.

  13. Both mother and daughter are very talented cooks. I love Calzones but don't eat enough of them, must change this. Can't wait to try out your marinara sauce recipe. Thanks!

  14. Like Mother like daughter! You both are such good cooks. BRAVO! I never had a calzone before. Got to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Catherine, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog and comment. It meant a lot to me. I also come grew up in an Italian home, and your blog definitely feels like home to me:)
    Take care!

  16. We love calzones, never thought to add spinach! It looks fantastic!

  17. Catherine, i love the idea of making a calzone. That one looks terrific!

  18. There's nothing like family cooking together in the cucina! I haven't had a calzone in years and your recipe and photos are making me just crave one right now. Hubby and I always make home-made pizzas; they come out perfect when made from scratch at home!

  19. wow this is an amazing meal if I made this I wouldn't buy pizza delicious thanks for the kind get well wishes


  20. Thanks for stopping by the Food Hound! Mmmm, calzone is one of my favorite things to get at pizza places!! I will try your recipe for homemade marinara- I need a good version to get me out of my Paul Newman's jar habit :)

  21. Sounds delicious! I haven't had a calzone in so long!

  22. Mom and daughter team! Your daughter certainly got the talent from you! Great calzone and delicious looking sauce!

  23. I prefer calzone to pizza actually cause I love the crust! Great combo!

  24. Yummy. I prefer my calzones the way you made these, with the sauce on the outside. These look delicious.

  25. Spinach Calzones...two of my favorite things. Can't wait to try your recipe Catherine :)

  26. Calzone with Marinara sauce sounds like heaven...!

  27. You have totally inspired me to make spinach calzone. I love this dish. I am so making it!

  28. The spinach-ricotta cheese combination always sings to me. We tended to make calzones during lent. Must remember to make them all year!


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