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~ Joy Bauer on Youtube ~

Joy Bauer's YouTube show (part of the Everyday Health channel) "What the Heck Are You Eating?" is a huge hit!! Make sure to check out Joy's informative videos HERE.

As explained on her YouTube page, Joy Bauer embarks on a myth-busting mission to inspire her audience to think differently about food.  So make sure to tune in weekly for brand new "What the Heck are You Eating?" episodes.

For more nutritious recipes and informative articles by Joy, be sure to visit too.

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  1. i had not heard about this, it sounds interesting. I will check it out and send the link to my sister as well, I know she'd like it.

  2. I love Joy and I did not know she was doing this. Thanks for the information, I'll have to check it out!
    Janet :)

  3. I don't even know if I have the channel in the line up. I will have to check.

  4. I love your new look Catherine you and the blog! look nice!

  5. Hey Catherine, How the heck have you been?

    I'm going to check this out...I'm crazy over food stuff...even though I'm still loosing extra LBS on Nutrisystem.

    BTW...I thought your profile pic was of your daughter...looks great:-)

    PLU & Blessings from SSF


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