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~ Italian Style Eggs ~


7 Eggs
Healthy handful of Italian parsley – chopped
½ Onion – chopped
¼ lb. Bacon – cut into pieces
Drizzle of olive oil

Heat a frying pan.  When the pan is hot, place the bacon and onions in the pan.
Allow the bacon to get slightly golden and the onions to become transparent.

When the bacon is golden add the parsley and let the parsley incorporate by moving around in the pan.

Crack the eggs into the pan so they are sunny side up.  Let the whites form slightly then loosen the yolks and move around.

Flatten with the spatula, let sit a minute and then move the eggs around, repeat until cooked.

This is a breakfast I grew up with. It is delicious and given to you with dear memories.

Serve with a good cup of coffee and toast.

Enjoy with Love,



  1. These eggs look great. I get tired of the same old eggs. Wonderful.

  2. Not only did we eat meals like this for breakfast Catherine, we also enjoyed them on Fridays when we weren't permitted to eat meat on Fridays. Oh the memories:)

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  3. I think I have everything on hand to make these TONIGHT, yipppee, they look great! anne

  4. Hubby and I watched your video and we're going to have to make this. Awesome Catherine.

    Have a fabulous day and God bless you too. :)

  5. I love this kind of food and your recipe looks so yummy that I just want to tuck in...

  6. I loved the video Catherine and I'm a big fan of eggs. I remember my grandmother making peppers and eggs and sometimes adding potatoes...So good! One of my favorites!

  7. I like a simple diner, just like this one... Eggs and bacon, it's always a hit!

  8. Those sound like a delicious change of pace!

  9. Wow never heard of Italian eggs but it sure looks delicious and i love the video it's always good to be able to watch someone else do it first ~

  10. What's not to love here? Simple and delicious!

  11. Catherine, I love simple eggs like this, bring back great memories, of having fried eggs with bacon, on Sunday for now, I could easily make a yummy snack out of it!
    Loved the video, as well:)

  12. I could easily have this for breakfast. What's more nutricious than an egg for breakfast? Nice and easy recipe.

  13. What a wonderful recipe Catherine. I love the video as well : )

  14. I could almost smell your breakfast. It looks so yummy! You are darling in the video. Whoever is filming you is very fortunate because he/she gets to taste your good food. love and blessings to you! ♥

  15. I sure wish that I could have had those beautiful eggs for breakfast Catherine! Mmmm!

  16. This sounds wonderful! We go through an insanely large amount of eggs at my house (which consists of only four people), and this is a new way to fix 'em up! Thank you!


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